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About Escort Becky

What do you like about being an Escortlady?
Escort is exciting and prickling!A nice and refreshing variation to the daily routine and job. Escort gives me the opportunity to live in another world from time to time and to meet people and would not meet in daily life.
Which part of you body you like the most?
Well, I have more than one favorite: I like my hair a lot, my face, my legs and breasts as well as my feet.
You like to spend money for…?
Shoes!!! That is not a cliché in my case but an absolute fact! Also, even if it might be morally unaceptable, I love fur. In this case I am a classic female. But I try not to buy cheap fur from china but only from ethical companies.
Today in ten years you…?
I am the kind of person that live here and know, I don´t think a lot about future plans. In ten years, I would like to see my self on a jouney around the world and also on the way to find to myself.

age: 20 Years
size: 5′ 7″
weight: 114lbs
brasize: 34B
haircolor: black
eyecolor: brown
languages: English

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