Escort Fabia

About Escort Fabia

You like to spend money for…
Fashion! I have an Outfit for any kind of event in my closet… I also love nice furniture and home asseccoires. For me it is important to feel good at home!
What do you like about beeing an Escort?
I am always looking for new adventures, new people and exciting, sexual experiences which you normally don´t have in your daily routine.
Today in 10 years…
I will be at a nice sandy beach with a good cocktail and the right man by my side.
Your favorite Sexual Practice?
I am not good in wrapping my erotic fantasies into words… but to be totally submisse and get dominated by my partner, beeing totally powerless and not to be able to escape his sexual lust…(and not to want to!).
How do third people describe you?
Funny, exciting, caring, loyal and intelligent.

age: 18 Years
size: 5′ 3″
weight: 110lbs
brasize: 34B
haircolor: black
eyecolor: brown
languages: English

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